The aviation industry is being transformed by the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, (UAV) or drones. The term drone was used for the first time in a 1936 report by lieutenant commander Delmer Fahrney of the US navy who was in charge of a radio-controlled unmanned aircraft.

By 2050, the volume of plastic in the ocean will outweigh that of fish; out of which over 52 percent is from plastic packaging.

Environmental Sustainability can be defined as a state in which the demands placed on the environment can be met without reducing its capacity to allow all…

Humans hold the sack of degrading ecosystems which are actually considered a fabric of life. Among these, urban ecosystems are the ones that continue to grow worldwide and so do environmental problems brought about by urbanization. However, there is still time to restore, amend and save them.

On this World…

Linear consumption is reaching its limits. A circular economy has benefits that are operational as well as strategic, on both a micro- and macroeconomic level. This is a trillion-dollar opportunity, with huge potential for innovation, job creation and economic growth.

As a closed-loop system where goods and materials retain their…

Community CleanUps take place to improve the appearance and condition of a specific area that has been facing ignorance for a long time. Residents of that region, who care about the problem, collaborate and volunteer to clean their region and make sure they are living in an environmentally preserved community.

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most widespread & fatal challenges faced by humankind in the last century. It has not only affected public health but also the economy, culture, lifestyle, environment, and society.

The overpopulated and underprivileged communities that were previously receiving support from social-impact organizations are now…

Earth5R Community Training

Improper waste management and the inability to create a circular economy are among the major global challenges today. Sustainability can truly be achieved if we resolve the root causes of these problems.

How are Circular Economy and Waste Management related ?

It is estimated that a circular economy path adopted by India could bring in annual benefits of 40 lakh crores or approximately US$ 624 billion in 2050. The greenhouse emission would reduce by 44% along with significant reduction in congestion and pollution. …

Sustainable living is an essential concept for all of us to adopt in our daily lives. The 17 sustainable development goals which include no poverty, sustainable cities, decent work, and economic growth, etc, goals are ultimately focused on the welfare of society and also make a favor for nature.

17 sustainable development goals given by the UN in 2015


Earth5R has been selected for the Global Entreps Award for its project Home Equals Planet. The project is among the 300 World Best Practices on Sustainability and Innovation for the 5th edition of the Global Entreps Awards and 5Gcitizens International Congress, making Earth5R a champion among 5,000 candidates.

Entreps, the…


Global network of youth committed to socio-eco-environmental causes. We focus on education and entrepreneurship to facilitate community sustainability.

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